Audio Mixers PowerMAX22-2


4 x 800 watt Integrated Amplifiers
2 x 24bit Internal Stereo Multi-Effect Processors
2 x Pre-fade Auxiliary Sends (Monitors)
3 x Post-fade Auxiliary Sends (Effects and Aux)
Stereo 9-band Graphic EQ (Mains)
2 x 9-band Mono Graphic EQ (Monitors)
3-band Channel EQ with Mid Sweep (Mic Channels)
4-band EQ (Stereo Channels)
Solo AFL/PFL & Mutes on All Input Channels
Switchable 80Hz Hi-pass Filter on All Mic Input Channels
Defeatable Channel Overload Protection (C.O.P.™)
Selectable Speaker Processor Output (50/80Hz Boost)
Top Mounted Output Patch Bay
Global 48V Phantom Power
Integrated Carry Handle
Made in Canada


Yorkville has set the standard for professionally featured high powered mixing consoles with the PowerMAX PM22-2. With four integrated amplifiers delivering 3200 watts, the Yorkville PowerMAX can drive virtually any medium or large club venue for a typical band with an ample powered stereo front-of-house mix and two additional powered monitor mixes. Built for maximum flexibility, the four 800-watt amplifiers in PowerMAX mixers can be assigned in any number of useful configurations using the integrated patch bay on the top panel.

Standard professional mixer features include mid-frequency sweep controls, switchable hi-pass filtering, two monitor sends, aux send, two effects sends, mute and solo switching with AFL/PFL select, stereo graphic EQ for mains, two monitor graphic EQs, and two integrated digital effects processors.

The PowerMAX PM22-2 includes eighteen mono mic/line balanced channel inputs and two stereo line level channels (19-22). Mono channels one through twelve feature Yorkville group-defeatable Channel Overload Protection circuit.


PowerMax powered desk mixers are designed to be the most powerful all-in-one solution for the working musician. Innovative features like multiple high power integrated amplifiers (as many as four assignable 800-watt amps in the PM16 and PM22) ensure ample power for mains and monitors. Fully featured mixers sections that include Solo, Mute, AFL and PFL levels on every channel, two pre-fade monitor sends and two post fade effect sends, versatile EQ and two on-board digital effect processors ensure perfect mixes can happen easily night after night.

Two sets of stereo input channels (which can be used for additional microphone inputs) and two Hi-Z input channels for direct connection to acoustic instruments allow PowerMax mixers to be configured for almost any live music application or installation quickly and easily. Efficient cooling is via our exclusive SilentFan™ system which incorporates four 80mm variable-speed fans and ensures that the PowerMAX™ mixers do in fact stay cool.

Innovative 9-band graphic EQ with additional high and low shelving controls allow effective tone shaping and feedback control without external EQ or additional processing. Two 9-band mono EQ (PM16 and PM22) allow for even more versatile monitor mixing with two discrete mixes for two fully independent powered monitor feeds from the console.

Other typically-Yorkville features include scratch-resistant vinyl-coated front panels, metal phone jacks, phantom power, balanced XLR, 1/4 inch phone and dual RCA inputs, gold plated connectors, high quality epoxy circuit boards coated with thick copper laminate and precision low-noise components. Naturally the PowerMAX™ mixers come with Yorkville unbeatable two year, unlimited (even if you break it!) transferable warranty.*

Number of Channels 22
Channel Inserts 13 to 18
Mono Channel EQ (ch.1 to 18) High, Mid, Mid Sweep, Low
Stereo Channel EQ (ch.19 to 22) High, High Mid, Low Mid, Low
Channel Effects All Channels
Monitors Effects Yes
Balance Controls 19 to 22
Pan Controls 1 to 18
Channel Overload Protection 1 to 12
Inputs - XLR (bal) Ch. 1 - 18
Inputs - 1/4" Ch. 1 - 22
Inputs - RCA (unbal) 2 Stereo Sets
Solo Switches All Channels, Mon1, Mon2, EFX Returns
Mute Switches All Channels
Hi Pass Switches Channels 1 to 18
Activity / Solo LED All Channels
Clip / Mute LED All Channels
Phantom Power 48 V + LED indicator
VU Meter 2 x 12 LEDs with Floating Peak
Headphone Monitor Features Level, AFL/PFL Switch, 1/4 inch Stereo
Internal Effects 24 Bit stereo, 16 Effects with Parameter Pot
Auxiliary Sends 1 TRS
Effects Send 2 (1 Internal , 1 Internal/External)
Effects Return 2 stereo pairs on 1/4 inputs
Effects Return to Main Yes
Effects Return to Monitor Yes
Reverb / Effects Footswitch Yes
Record Outputs 1 Stereo RCA
Max Gain to Line Out -Mic Input (dB) 72
Max Gain to Line Out -Line Input (dB) 56
Master EQ -1 (type/Channels/Range -dB) Graphic / Stereo / 9 Band 63 Hz - 16,000 Hz
Monitor EQ -1 (type/Channels/Range-dB) Graphic / Stereo / 9 Band 63 Hz - 16,000 Hz
Monitor EQ -2 (type/Channels/Range-dB) Graphic / Stereo / 9 Band 63 Hz - 16,000 Hz
Main Outputs (Line Level) Amp A/B (1/4 inch TRS)
Main Amp Inputs (Line Level) Amp A/B (1/4 inch TRS)
Monitor Outputs (Line Level) Mon 1/2 (1/4 inch TRS)
Monitor Amp Inputs (Line Level) Amp C/D (1/4 inch TRS)
Outputs - Amp A - 1/4" Jacks 2
Outputs - Amp A - Speakon 4-pin 1
Outputs - Amp B - 1/4" Jacks 2
Outputs - Amp B - Speakon 4-pin 1
Outputs - Amp C - 1/4" Jacks 2
Outputs - Amp C - Speakon 4-pin 1
Outputs - Amp D - 1/4" Jacks 2
Outputs - Amp D - Speakon 4-pin 1
Mixer - Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) greater than 100
Mixer - Freq Resp (Tone and EQ Flat,±2dB) 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Mixer- Input Ref Noise to line out @150 Ohms(dBv) -117 (@ 150 Ohms (dBv))
Mixer THD (Main out w/ -10dB input) less than 0.03%
Amp A-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 600
Amp A - Power Output @ 4 Ohms 800
Amp B-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 600
Amp B - Power Output @ 4 Ohms 800
Amp C-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 127
Amp C - Power Output @ 4 Ohms 127
Amp D-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 127
Amp D - Power Output @ 4 Ohms 127
THD - 1kHz (dB) 0.001
THD - 20Hz-20kHz (dB) 0.5
Hum and Noise (un / Aweight -dB) -103
Typical crosstalk -1 kHz (dB- less than -60
Input Impedance - Bal/Unbal (Ohms) 22,000 / 12,000
Input Sesitivity (Vrms Sine) 1.4 V
CMRR @ 60Hz (min/typ) 54 dB / 66 dB
Max Votage Gain (dB) 32
Power Consumption (typ/max) 660 VA / 1800 VA
Protection Thermal / Load / DC
Cooling 4x Variable Speed DC Fan
Transformer Type Toroidal
Finish Scratch Resistant Vinyl-Coated Aluminum
Console Lamp Connector 12V DC (BNC) Yes
Other Features Main Amp / Mon Amp Configuration Switch
Dimensions (DWH, inches) 19 x 31 x 5.2
Dimensions (DWH, cm) 48.3 x 79.5 x 13.2
Weight (lbs/kg) 54.5 / 24.8